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Second Tme Part 2
Views: 721 · Posted: 3 month ago

I'd never felt so turned on. I wanted to show him how sexy I felt. My cock felt so sensitive and I had some precum dripping out of it. Then I put my finger on it and liked the cum off my finger. It tasted salty. I gasped and then I heard voices coming in the toilet. I just froze. Two men walked in... Click to Read More

Second Time Part 1
Views: 606 · Posted: 3 month ago

It was back in the 80's no mobile phones Video was new and we still had lots of Public Toilets. I was 16yrs old slim and randy as hell. And most toilets had one cubicle with a hole (dug by local perverts)in the wall and doors that went all the way down. Not like today's flimsy cubicles. It was hot... Click to Read More

First Time
Views: 719 · Posted: 3 month ago

I had to share a bedroom with my brother so having a wank was restricted to the bathroom. Some times when the house was empty I would go through my mothers draws and find a small red thong and put it on and have a wank. I was slim 6 ft tall with 7 inch uncut cock the sight of myself in the mirror wearing... Click to Read More

Slut's day out - Part 5
Views: 377 · Posted: 3 month ago

After struggling and failing she sits resigned to her fate and she is in his hands as to when she may be released but for what when she is released she can only think dark thoughts but enjoyable thoughts to being at then mercy of this man.

He returns.

He unties her bindings but... Click to Read More

Slut's day out - part 4
Views: 278 · Posted: 3 month ago

She returns to join her date in his lounge.

He welcomes our schoolgirl with a kiss.

Then asks her to kneel before him and tell him what she knows already about sex. He decides she needs to practice her oral skills.

She shows him what she knows and uses her mouth on his... Click to Read More

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