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Panty Play Day part 1
Views: 212 · Posted: 19 days ago

I heard my wife in the next room say “here, let me prove it”

She and her 4 girlfriends had been drinking all day and were really drunk. I walked into the room and my wife says “Honey, come here and show my friends here that you are wearing girly panties”. I looked at her and she gave me... Click to Read More

The Story / Fantasy
Views: 806 · Posted: 2 month ago

The Story

Well before i start i am 18 years old & this fantasy is with an old bestfriend. When me and tom were younger around 13 14 tom n his brother were telling me about how they "hump" in the shower but then they got into detail n said that he sticks his dick in his ass n... Click to Read More

ALIANE's first sexual experience
Views: 869 · Posted: 2 month ago

I remember my first experience dress as a crossdresser. i was chatting with this fine ass black guy for a while and it got pretty serious so we itschange numbers and we talked for hours on the phone. He was telling me one day he has a girlfriend but he was more interest being with a... Click to Read More

At the Glory Hole
Views: 1031 · Posted: 4 month ago

During another visit to my black Dom, he required me to dress and took me to a private S&M club. After a couple of hours at the club, he told me that we were going into the managers office. Once in the office and after being introduced to the manager, he handcuffed my hands behind me and put ankle... Click to Read More

Black Dom
Views: 661 · Posted: 4 month ago

I once visited a black Dom whom i had met online. After talking for a while, he sent me an airline ticket to come and see him. For the trip, i was told to only wear a business suit and tie - no luggage. i was picked up at the airport and driven to his office. His secretary was told that we would be... Click to Read More

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