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Slut's day out - part 2
Views: 310 · Posted: 3 month ago

He beckons her towards him.

He pulls her close.

They kiss.

A long deep passionate kiss ensues.

I think you should be spanked for being late girl.

Over my knee – he commands the sissy satin slut maid..

He sits on the sofa.

She lies across his... Click to Read More

Slut's day out - part 1...
Views: 388 · Posted: 3 month ago

A sissy slut’s grand day out…

The date had been in her sissy diary for some time – they had agreed the time and place a few weeks earlier.

The arrangements had been made - slut to arrive as early as possible and leave as late as possible - her date wanting to get as much pleasure... Click to Read More

Panty Play Day part 1
Views: 615 · Posted: 3 month ago

I heard my wife in the next room say “here, let me prove it”

She and her 4 girlfriends had been drinking all day and were really drunk. I walked into the room and my wife says “Honey, come here and show my friends here that you are wearing girly panties”. I looked at her and she gave me... Click to Read More

The Story / Fantasy
Views: 1079 · Posted: 5 month ago

The Story

Well before i start i am 18 years old & this fantasy is with an old bestfriend. When me and tom were younger around 13 14 tom n his brother were telling me about how they "hump" in the shower but then they got into detail n said that he sticks his dick in his ass n... Click to Read More

ALIANE's first sexual experience
Views: 1248 · Posted: 5 month ago

I remember my first experience dress as a crossdresser. i was chatting with this fine ass black guy for a while and it got pretty serious so we itschange numbers and we talked for hours on the phone. He was telling me one day he has a girlfriend but he was more interest being with a... Click to Read More

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