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My CD Friend Pimped Me Out.....

I had dressed in private many times, taking lots of pictures, and videos as well as many posts looking for guys into me. I had gotten offers but never followed thru. I met a very sexy cd online and she invited me over with a plan to dress up totally hot head to toe. candy was her name, yes... Click to Read More

My First Cock Was Black

It was last year, during summer. I crossdress now for about 3 years, but since then I never had the chance to have a sexual relationship with a man. I always dreamed about being in the bed of a very handsome black man, dressed in lingerie, looking like a woman, and doing hot things.

You know... Click to Read More

Mother'S Influence Part 2

Over the coming weeks I had gone through a couple of the videos my Mum had. Each video held around 6 different scenes and each scene featured my Mum fucking one or two guys and, usually, in one of the outfits that I had found in her cupboard. I had developed a regular ritual. I'd wait til Mum... Click to Read More

A Night To Remember

I turned up at my mistresses house and as usual I immediately undressed and got on my knees on the ground by her feet.

Mistress immediately stood me up, locked me in chastity and put a butt plug up my ass. It was a little firmer than normal but nothing horrific.

She then immediately took me... Click to Read More

My Dad And I

My Dad and I

Written By: aVirginCrossdresser

Warning: The following story is fiction and contains graphic m/m sex, underage sex, as well as material containing father and son sexual interaction. If younger than 18, please exit this site immediately! If 18 or older, enjoy! Reader discretion is... Click to Read More

Mothers Influence

I had always loved playing dress up as a child, usually dressing as witches or princesses. As I got to around the age of 13 I seen my first porno video. It excited me and aroused me but I couldn't let on, due to the fact i was watching at a friends house with a good few of us there. The thing i found... Click to Read More

The Hottest Crossdresser

I just recently had an awesome experience. I have a friend Curtis that knows I love to crossdress, but has never seen me do so. One night we were drinking and it was late night, his girlfriend was out with her friends.

Curtis asked me if I would wear some of his girl’s stuff, I said sure.... Click to Read More

Mummy Carrington

i've always had a crush on my friends mother tracey

shes kinda lonly and loves to spend time on her own but weve always joked about flirted and stayed in contact as shes quite nutty but funny

she needed to go shopping one day for a few hours and asked me to watch her dog i thought perfect... Click to Read More

Lots Of 69 Date

He said he wanted to pick me up & bring me back to his house where we could have a nice night before his wife comes back home next week. So he picked me up & we talked about cross dressing as he drove he said he always loved cross dressers & had been going to the local drag queen bar I told him how I loved... Click to Read More


Mother's wishes...It all started as a punishment when i was about 13. When i had done something wrong in her eyes mother dressed me up completely as her pretty daughter. And as our family was seriously wealthy she did it in style and costs did not play a role she really went all out with it. It was pretty... Click to Read More

Weekend With Daddy Part 2

after taking the rest of his clothes off, daddy sta back down in his chair and cracked open a beer and to my surprise lit up a joint. i was happy to see he came prepared but said "girl, if u want any of this make my cock nice and hard to fuck you with". without hessitation i planted my mouth... Click to Read More