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Omg Can"t belive I done it

It 2 am and I am just getting home. Well friend of mine askrd me if I wanted to go to a party with him I said yes.I wore my black corset with matching thong and bra. black thigh fishnet stocking hooked my gartor straps. My tightest shortest black mini dress with black sandle 5.5" spike heels to show off my toes painted red sparkle like my finger nails. I done my make up top it off with 24 hr red lip stick.

Well Jake picked me up at 5 pm and said wow you look hot he lead me to his car and we left for the party.The party was good mostly guys and couple ladies. After few drinks and being Sunday by 8 pm most of the people left there was 7 guys and me left. We all sat around talking and asking stupid question to each other. When Jake asked me whats one thing you never did but always wanted to? I smart assly said be gangbanged.The room got dead quite and then some talk again.

Well I got up and went got drink in kitchen when I go back an sat back down Jake whispered in my ear and asked did you mean what you said? Well me feeling pretty good I said yes to him. Well we all bullshited some more it was about 8:30 by then and other guy sat down beside me in a chair and said same thing to me an I gave same answer to him. Just as the good old clock in the house chimed at 9 pm Jake asked told me that if I wanted to that the were willing to gangbang. I said really to him.Yes he said I look at them all and yes out loud to them.

I said be right back and be ready so I went to the bathroom and took off my dress and thong and came back out in just heels and corset an stuff.They were all naked and had layed mattress on floor.I went straight to it and one spoke up an said are you sure.I didn't say word to him just took his cock in my mouth and as sucked him and other guys I felt some lube being applied to my ass then a cock slide into me.well the all took turn fucking me as sucked other guys dick and played with them.I could feel cum running down my thighs and taste it when Jaake asked to ride his cock.I got on top of him and start to ride him when I felt the tip of other cock at my ass all of sudden I felt my ass being strecthed to the max and a vocie whisperd in my ear said do you want to stop I said no within a minute i had two cockes in my ass and one in my mouth.I love every second of it all. Well about 1 am they stopped due to it getting late and work the next day.Well I got up and went to the bathroom cleaned up some and put tampom to keep cum from run out down my legs I fixed my makeup and got dressed an went back out to the den.

Well as Jake and I got ready to live Don who hosted the party asked me if I like it I said no, I loved and they were all great and Gave each one kiss and we left.On way home Jake said that was so hot he was hard thinking about it.I said really I felt his cock it was hard again so as he drove me home i gave bj and just as we pulled up to my house and stop he fill my mouth full and iswallowed ever drop. He walked me to the door gave long good nite kiss. He asked if I would like to be gang banged again? I said hell yes .

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andrea10 - 2 year ago

Read your story again again quite interstingwould be an experince. To be fucked twice by 7 men each one twice and come in you each time. I think I would doit withthe right group. Might be quite fun to be fucked twice by each one. Then after the second fuck as soon as his cock was out comming in me each time. Have another memember of thegroup sink his cock in me fuck me twice. when he was through another would fuck me it would be intersting to try it once.

andrea10 - 2 year ago

quite a story quite instering to suck and swallow 7 men in a rowhen be fucked that many times in a rowbut quite erotic mores when they came in you. I dont,t think i could take 2 cock,s at the same time. Iam gay and cross dres to. But uch fun to suck and be fucked while dressed more so when a throbbing cock ejackulates in you heaven on earth.

greenhawk46 - 2 year ago

really erotic xxx Jim