Fun Times At A Party

I went out of town for a party that a girl I've been with a few times was hosting. After about an hour of driving I arrive at the house; a large, lonely log cabin in the woods. Just as I pull up the sun is setting behind the house. It was gorgeous, and the perfect evening for fun.

The theme of the party was leather or lace. I walk in and everything's already in full swing. Some good music is playing and maybe 13 or 14 people are chatting away. I jump in, grab some cocktails, and start socializing with the rest. After the party has died down a little and most of the people have found themselves to a room, I find myself out beside the fire pit talking to a girl. She was definitely a leather fan; black leather collar, short skirt, corset, knee high boots over fishnets, and red hair. Definitely my type, and she seems to be into me too.

Things start getting hotter, and not the fire as it's dying down. She moves from the picnic table seat down to her knees in front of me and unzips my pants. She takes my cock in her lips as I grab the back of her head and push her down onto it, taking it all in. She coughs a little as she gags on it, but she lifts her head and says to me, "I like it rough.." Seeing as I, too, like it rough I was more than willing to give it to her that way. I grab the back of her head again and push her back on onto my cock saying, "Take it all bitch" as I do so. Pretty soon I don't have to push her down onto me as she's gagging herself with my cock. After a few minutes of some AMAZING deep head, she looks up at me with strings of drool hanging from her mouth and says, "Fuck me."

My reaction was to grab her by the neck, pull her up, look her square in the eyes and ask, "You'll need to beg better than that" and bent her over the table. With her bent over the table, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the bottle of lube. I spread a generous amount on my cock and put it away. After lifting her short leather skirt up just enough to see what I wanted snd taking her plug out, I put the head of my cock against her hole and said, "Fuck yourself like you want it whore." And she pushed back, much faster than I was expecting, but I was in. Almost all the way in. It was by far the fastest I've ever gotten that deep.

She really starts to go to town, riding my cock like a toy. I grab her by the hips to stop her and pull almost all the way out, until only the head is in and then thrust into her, hard. She lets out a little yelp, but then asks for it harder. I oblige, slamming into her ass like I would a pussy. Then I pull her up off the table, turn her around, and push her back so she's laying on the table. I grab the heels of her boots and separate her legs. I go right back to pounding her like a cheap whore. All the while she's moaning with some yelps in there with deep thrusts. She's good at begging for it harder, deeper, and faster as it turns me on immensely.

After what seems like an eternity I feel it building. I pump harder and faster as I get there and right before I come I pull out and tell her to get on here knees NOW. She does and she tried to take my cock in her mouth, but I grab her by the back of the hair with my left hand and pull her away so that streams of my load cover her face. I could tell she loved it.

We hang out a few more hours, getting the fire back up and doing it a few more times; once more on the picnic table, once on the grass, and once again in a room in the house where she got a special treat. Maybe I'll talk about that next.

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