Black Club Lust

Hi, my name is Kaya and I've been a tgirl for 6 years now. I'm 28 and just got a stunning boob job, 34C. After three and a half years of taking female hormones, I can turn the heads of any and all straight men on the street. I am also a cage dancer at an erotic club in London for people of all walks of life and sexual orientations.

One night I was dancing there when I had one of the wildest experience of my life. That night I was wearing a rather provocative schoolgirl uniform. I had on a white button up blouse opened up to reveal a dark purple bra that was covering my gorgeous new tits. The bottom was tied off to expose my little flat stomach which was dusted with a little glitter for added eye candy. My long red hair was done up in pigtails and I donned a plaid miniskirt that barely covered a purple thong underneath. I loved showing off my ass in all of my outfits. Besides, it was my best feature besides, perhaps, my face. My long legs were covered halfway with white thigh high stockings that led down to a shiny pair of black high heel school shoes. That night I stole the show as every man, most of them straight, drooled at my seductive clothes and dancing. After all, tonight I was every man's ultimate fantasy, a naughty schoolgirl.

As I slithered around my cage to the loud music, I noticed a tall dark man watching me from across the strobe lit dance floor. He was tall and was wearing a black leather jacket, black shirt, and black trousers. He certainly had a strikingly handsome appearance and stood out in the crowd. When our eyes met I smiled at him seductively and slowly ran my hands down the sides of my body. Still looking at him I turned around and bent over slightly so my skirt would ride up and expose my thong clad heart shaped ass. The fact that he was so mesmerized turned me on but when I looked over my shoulder I was shocked to discover he had taken his interest a step further. He was now right in front of my cage staring up at my round ass through the bars. Without thinking I placed my delicate hands on my ass and teasingly ran them down my cheeks to my thighs. I looked over my shoulder down at him again and saw that he now had one hand on his crotch touching himself. My nipples hardened in amazement and I finished giving his show until the song ended.

Taking a break, I stepped out of my cage and went to the bar to have a drink. Before I could take the first sip of my cocktail I felt a big body gently touch brush against me from behind. I knew who it was when I felt a big hard dick poke against the crack of my ass. Then a whisper came into my left ear. "Baby, I've gotta have you. When I saw you up there you made me so hard and I know you loved it."

I smiled and played along nodding as I sipped my drink. The music was still very loud and the bar was quite crowded so I gently rubbed my ass against the big black stud's crotch. He moaned loudly and then I felt his big hand slide underneath my skirt. He rubbed my crack and slid his fingers between my legs until they brushed my panty clad balls. As if under a spell of lust, I reached behind me and rubbed my hand against his dick through his trousers. Obviously, he was pleased because next I heard his zipper and then felt his hand guide mine to the hole in his pants. I slid my hand into his trousers and my fingers immediately found the length of his rock hard dick, and he wasn't wearing underwear which turned me on even more. I could feel him breathing heavily against me as I stroked his big meaty cock right there at the crowded bar. He grabbed my neck and turned me around to face him. I looked into his eyes and he raised finger to my mouth. I impulsively slid my lips over it and slithered my tongue around it looking at him. I then felt his cock poke against the front of my skirt. He leaned in and whispered in my ear "come with me angel."

He quickly grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd and out of the club. We arrived at a big white truck and I knew it was his when he gently pushed me up against the driver side door. With his big hand he forcefully pulled up my skirt and rubbed his fingers against my thong. I simply moaned and put my hands against his truck as he ravished me from behind. He abruptly pulled my thong down to my knees and dropped to a kneel so his face was staring at my beautiful butt. I let out a soft moan as I felt his big black tongue swirl all around my little pink asshole. I turned my head to admire his face buried in my ass. With that I felt his big hands part my plump cheeks and a big tongue slowly slide inside me. I immediately whelped in ecstasy and grabbed his bald head pushing his hot mouth into my ass.

"I love the taste of your ass angel" he said pausing to look up at me as I tilted my head back with my eyes closed. Then, he suddenly stood up and turned me around grabbing my shoulders. Without much force he pushed me to my knees. I quickly pulled out his swollen member and it oozed with pre-cum so I licked the tip creating a string of pre-cum and spit from my mouth to his dick. As soon as I swirled my tongue around the underside of the engorged head of his dick he moaned and grabbed my pigtails. With that I felt a bead of pre-cum squirt out into my mouth and I savored the hot fluid. "Oooohhh, damn baby! You're too fuckin' fine! You're gonna make me cum in that hot mouth!"

I looked up at him innocently and he took advantage turning around. He told me to pull his trousers down and I did. Now my big black stud only had on his leather jacket and shirt and his black muscular ass was in my face. He lifted his leg holding the rear view mirror of his truck and his thigh with the other. "Okay angel, let's see how much of a naughty little schoolgirl you are. Lick that fuckin' ass baby, I wanna feel that little hot tongue in there." I slowly held his thigh with one hand and slid my tongue from the underside of his balls up his dark ass crack to his wrinkled little asshole making it slimy.

"Mmmm, that's good you little white trick, make it all wet with your tongue." I flicked my hair to the side and out of the way and leaned in for a better angle. I pushed my tongue slowly passed the opening to his anus and as deep inside his asshole as I could. I then wiggled my tongue around the walls of his asshole and and he gasped in pleasure. Apparently he couldn't take it anymore and turned around and jerked me to my feet. "Alright angel. Now I wanna feel how good that little white ass feels."

I put my hands back against the truck and stuck out my ass eagerly awaiting his big black dick. He guided my hands to my ass and I spread my cheeks obediently. He quickly leaned down, spit on the top of my ass crack and it ran down coating my little tight asshole. He smeared it around with the tip of his dick and I was already moaning for him to fuck me. He then took his other hand and rubbed the pre-cum from his cock and spread it all around the length making it slick and gooey. "Mmmm, angel, ready?" I moaned a yes and felt the tip touch the entrance of my ass. He pushed the head in and my asshole sucked in his head like a tiny mouth. He moaned as well as he watched my little white butt suck in his big black dick making it disappear. "Damn baby, you're sooooo tight!"

"Mmmm, do you like it baby?" I asked hungry for more. He replied by pushing his cock deeper into my ass. By this time my own dick was dripping with pre-cum. He continued feeding his dick into my ass until his belly touched my ass cheeks. Then he reached around and took my hard dick in his hand. As he started to stroke it, he began pulling his dick out of my ass and back in. I was so on fire with lust that I started pushing my ass back into his cock as he thrust it in. He began fucking my ass faster and stopped stroking me so he could focus. My pigtails bounced back and forth and suddenly I felt my own orgasm coming on. At this point I could just cum from the sensation of his huge dick pounding my asshole. Then, just as he slowed his rhythm to slowly extract his dick from my asshole, I shuddered from the sensation and squirted my orgasm on the bottom of his truck and on the street. "Oh my god, I'm cumming!" I moaned as he pushed his cock back into me for one final thrust.

"I'm gonna cum too baby! Get on your knees and open your mouth angel!" With my dick still dripping its last spurts of semen I turned around and dropped to my knees with my mouth open looking up at him. He pointed his dick just past my lips into my mouth and brace with his eyes closed. Then he let out a breath and I felt a huge spurt of hot cum blast into my mouth. Hungry for all of his cum I closed my lips tightly around the head of his dick and flicked at it with my tongue. With the first load still swooshing around in my mouth I felt the next spurt shoot into the back of my throat. Just I finally swallowed his thick hot cream to make room for more, he impulsively thrust his dick further into my mouth and shot three more smaller spurts down my throat. "Oh angel, you're so damn hot" he shuddered as I sucked the length clean smiling up at him.

"I wanna taste myself on your lips" he said and I left a spoonful of cum my tongue rising up. He hungrily kissed me and I fed some of his cum into his mouth with my tongue. "Mmmm baby. Excellent."

I never saw him after that but I'm sure I will. Maybe it will be the next time I dress up as his naughty little schoolgirl.

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mtvlvr69 posted 5 year ago

Great story

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inf48 posted 5 year ago

Love the story. I want to read the one with you dressed as a little school girl

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