Susans Ordeal

I was awaiting my Master to return from his

Day at the office..

I had readied myself as her requested..

I stood against the wall of the living room

Dutifully attired in red wig, black dress

Long gloves and seamed nylons…I had applied my makeup and used my deepest

Red lipstick to coat my lips…

My legs ached from wearing the six inch heels

He ordered me to wear…I do hope he

Would allow me to take them off

Or at least sit…as I found these heels very

Painful…and almost impossible for me

To walk in…At last the front door opened and I heard

My Master enter the house..

He walked into the living room and

Looked at me…

He ordered me to turn around full circle

So he could make sure I was dressed

Correctly. I did so. And was worried that

The seams of my nylons had not been straight..

When I had rotated full circle I stood motionless

For what seemed an eternity for Master to

Give me his findings..Very well done slave he uttered..

I sighed with relief..

And smiled…He walked over to me and run his hands

Over my body…and touched the bulge of my

Clit in my sheer panties…I blushed..

Naughty slave he said..

And I sad yes Master I am sorry Sir..“You shall be slut !” he said..!

And marched me into the dining room.

Now lay on the table you slut he shouted..!I lay face down on the dining table

And awaited Masters instruction.He said “I have something planned for you

Susan…and I need to prepare you

So ready yourself for a long

Session of tight bondage you

Dirty slut..”My heart raced with both fear and excitement

I wondered what he had in store for me..He brought the ropes into the room

And proceeded to bind me tightly

First my ankles, knees..then wrists..

When he had bound my limbs he

Decided to put me into the hogtied position

He so enjoyed..

He then chose to bind my elbows…and fasten

My trussed body to the table top,..

I could hardly move…it felt so erotic..

I was helpless…dressed as Master wished

And at his mercy… After a few minutes I became aware that he had not

Chosen to silence my soft moans with a gag.

This was most unusual…But he soon told me why he had not gagged me

And when I heard his reason for not doing so

I was rather shocked..He said…” susan…you have been very obedient

And have carried out my instructions perfectly

And as a treat I have arranged a special meal

For you tonight…I have arranged for several of my

Friends to feed you with their fresh and warm

Spunk…!…this is why I have chosen

To leave your mouth un gagged…”

I gasped…and begged Master not to allow this

To happen…he just walked from the room

Leaving me with my thoughts, the ropes were tight and I know

I had no chance of escape…so I just lay awaiting his friends

To feed me..One buy one they arrived…walking around the table

Drinking wine and looking at there cock sucking whore..

They were deciding who would feed me first…laughing

At how pathetic I looked…and touch my trussed body as they


My Master had told them that they may feed his slut

But must not touch my anus…as this is for his

Pleasure alone…which is why

He had chosen to hogtie me…to stop anyone

Trying to fuck his slave…for Susan’s cunt was for

Masters cock alone..All the commotion was intoxicating…the thought that so

Many men were waiting to feed me their cum and showing

Interest in a slave like me was so erotic…my mouth

Was beginning to go dry, and I knew I had to make

Sure it was suitably wet for my Masters guests. I began to salivate

To make sure it was prepared to receive my Masters guests… As I done so I felt my clit to swell. And I lost myself in the moment

And began to rub my clit against the table…but Master noticed

This and slapped my face hard with his hand…stop that you worthless

Cunt he shouted…I froze and I could feel my face blush as my audience

Began to snigger…Master apologised to his guests for my rude behavior..and announced that

Susan mouth was now open to serve…I heard muffled chitter chatter as the gusts arranged themselves

In the order in which they were to be pleasured

I could see my first customer walk in front

of me.

He undone his belt and unzipped his

Fly and revealed his rampant cock..

I obediently opened my mouth to allow

Him to slide his cock inside..

He was not very big…and barely filled my

Mouth….when he had fully entered my moist mouth

I began to work his swollen cock with

My mouth and tongue..

It did not take long for him to spit

His spunk into my mouth. His milky

Fluid shot straight into my throat.

It was thick and had a very strong

Taste. I am pleased he did not spit his cum

In my mouth as I think I would have wretched..I dutifully sucked and licked his cock dry

And thanked him for feeding me his

Semen.Within moments my mouth was filled

With yet another cock…my mind

Was racing and my jaw aching by the time

I was working my last guests thick and enormous

Cock…this man was built like a horse..

I heard laughs in the background as he

Produced his swollen gland..

“now show the slut how to gag!”

I heard many say.

He slid his cock into my mouth

I could barely open wide enough to accept

It….it slide over my tongue and began

To enter my throat…I gagged and squirmed

In my bondage as he began to choke me..

I managed to relax my throat and

He slid deep inside,,,

I could not work my head as he had

Impaled me fully..

Instead he held my head firmly

And began to throat fuck me… It went on for ages

His pace quickened and then he

Spit his cum deep into my throat..

As he did so I slid his cock head

Out of my throat…and allowed half

Of his spunk to fill my mouth..

As he filled me he instructed

Me not to swallow this… I obediently stopped his spunk

And held it in my mouth..

I tightend my lips around his now

Flaccid and empty cock

As I slid it from my aching and spunk filled


He grabbed my hair and yanked my head up.

And ordered me to open my mouth

To make sure I had not swallowed all his cum..

As I did so some of his seed seeped

From my mouth…

He looked into my eyes and said

Nor you may swallow susan..!

His cum slid down my thoat and

Mingled with the others..

He let my head fall back onto the


And I had to clean the spunk I had allowed

To fall from my mouth off

Of the table with my tongue..

Once they had finished with me

I was left alone on the table

To recuperate….I was exhausted

And slid into a light sleep…To be continued…

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MsPattiKay posted 3 year ago

Makes me wish I was taking her place!

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