Motel Fun

We met online, she posted an ad and I responded. After a brief exchange, I was off to her motel. When I arrived I knocked on the door and it was not quite what I was expecting. We had arranged to go somewhere a "tad" more daring (What can I say? I love an element of risk.), but I thought that meant travel somewhere clothed and take some things off, or upskirt action (I love this.). I was wrong.

She was wearing a black skirt that only covered about 2 inches of her garter belt. Attached to this were fishnets and over them were thigh-hi latex boots. Her choice of underwear was clearly a thong. A black tank top over a hot pink bra was her choice of top. Bright red hair topped it off. The first thought that went through my mind was, "I'm going to have some fun."

She walked past me in the doorway and headed down the hall which slightly confused me. I followed. She led me to a male bathroom and we promptly went into the only stall. As soon as the door was latched I surprised her by grabbing her and pushing her to her knees. Now it was her turn to be confused. Her look of puzzlement clearly told me she needed instruction. "Be a good whore and suck my cock." She did as told, and well.

After only a few minutes of her working my shaft like a pro I felt that familiar feeling, a tensing that can only be relieved one way. After I knew I was past the point of no return, I withdrew from her mouth and sprayed her face. And I made a hell of a mess. All over her face, hair, and she even managed to get a few spurts in her mouth when she opened it.

Enough was enough. That slut made a mess and needed to be punished. I pulled her up, cum still dripping from her face, and pushed her against the wall. She pushed her ass out and I took advantage. I pulled that thong string to the side and put the tip of my cock against her tight hole, but I didn't enter. Instead I said, "Beg for this." She pleaded with me, "Please stick it in, I want it so bad." I spanked her and said "BETTER WHORE!" Almost instantly her response was, "Please shove that cock up my ass and pound me like the whore I am! PLEASE, DO IT!" These words are like music to me and before she had finished that sentence I was buried in her, as deep as I could go. She let out the sexiest moan I've ever heard and this made me more horny than I've ever been. I started to thrust and pump as hard as I can.

She was tight and this was hot. But then the door to the bathroom opened. I stopped. The sink began to run and over this I heard, "Don't stop because of me. Go at it bro!" Not one to disappoint I began to thrust again, just as hard as before. Within a few second he was gone, but I was more aroused than ever. Slutty girl + public + egging on = ravenous me. All I heard was the sound of my body impacting hers and I thrusted everything I had. I felt it again, building. I continued to thrust and said, "Are you ready for it slut?" She managed a "GOD YES" after some encouragement and I let it loose as deep in her as possible. It felt amazing, but I was spent.

This whole session only lasted 20 minutes, but they were the best 20 minutes of my sex life. We keep in touch and get together every now and then, but not even those new encounters can match this one. To this day, it was the hottest experience I had ever had.

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