i remember the first time i met "daddy", i showed up to his work as he led me into his office. he had said to keep quite cause his co-worker was in the office next door. he locked the door, took his pants off and sat in his office chair. he told me to get on my knees and get under the desk. as soon as i was under there he pulled his chair up against the desk almost shoving his big cock instantly down my thoat. i started to work his cock slowly at first but it wasnt long till he was gripping my hair and making me choke balls deep, all 9 inches.

i felt so full of cock i loved it and never wanted it to end. i started to hear him breathe faster and i knew what was coming so i picked up speed. before i knew it the back of my throat was filled from his first spurt, swallowing most but having to pull his cock free from my mouth i was gifted with another load right in my face, even more then the first load. using my hand i scraped it all from my face and licked my hands clean then cleaned the rest from his cock. he asked me what i was doing later that night and said that i wasnt busy.

i gave him my address and he gave me a gift bag and said not to open it till i got home. i gave his cock one last kiss and left to drive home. once i arrived i immediately opened the bag to find a mini skirt and matching knee high tights along with a note

" dear cloe, hear is a gift i hope to see you in later, have lots of more cum to give to my little whore, cant wait to see you

luv daddy

my cock instantly became hard as i looked over my new clothes, "mmmm" i thought, "tonight could be an interesting night"

Part 2 up soon.

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