Hey... Don'T I Know YOU

My wife discovered my fetish for being "Synthia" the first night we spent togeather.

I was both wonderfully aroused and terrified.

I should have been on the first and needn't have been with the second.

We have an open marriage and relationship and it works well. Both of us are highly exhibitionistic and voyeuristic and knowing the other has been out naughtily servicing a hot swollen cock turns us on no end.

This past weekend we wound up in a lustily unusual situation I'm going to share.

Cyndi is a 5'1" frecklefaced strawberry blond with a slightly boyish build. Her sexual appetite seems unending. She usually has a 'girls night out' about twice a week which culminates with her coming home flush faced with pert hard nipples and semen running down her thighs and onto her nylons. I am usually dressed like the perfect slut and do my best to lick every drop of semen off her while she moaningly tells me what a slut she's been.

I had to work later than usual at the office and arrived home to find a note from Cyn taped to the fridge.

"Babe..went out looking for a nice big one, will tell you all about it when I get home so don't wait up"

Hugs Cyn.

I set out to simply amuse myself watching one of our CD movies but that wasn't going to cut it.

I was horny and getting hornier by the moment.

Being all smoothly naired meant all I needed was a shower,dry off and powder before putting on my makeup and a naughty outfit that included my betty boop style dark wig.

I've been dressing like a female sence I was in my early teens and had been fortunate to have had a wealth of females willing to instruct me in walking,sitting,holding myself, all the finer points to passing as a female..And,...I'd been out in public as a girl then a teen then a woman more times than I could remember so there was none of that awkwardness.

It's been damn warm up here in the northeast and last night was no exception. I skipped the panties and simply wore the soft lacy garter belt along with lace top nylons and a bouncy yellow chiffon dress with which I had my 3" white pumps.

I wanted to 'be ready' for anything so I inserted a nice inflatable dildo up my soft 'pussy' and began squeesing the bulb as I drove.

I forced myself NOT to touch my clitty which was already drooling (Cyn referred to it as "droolie julie")

I wasn't really in the mood for the usual 'theater' and most of the public parks are so policed that 'going exhibitionistic' is far too risky these days.

All of a sudden there he was...

This lith smallish built male looking to be all of mid teens with his thumb out as if he'd been waiting foe me all this time.

I drew in a deep breath and pulled over half expecting a bunch of kids to run out from somewhere and try to get in my car. I kept a nervous foot on the gas and brake as he reached the car and,opening the door,hopped in.

"Thanks" he said in a voice that confirmed my suspecions about his being a teen.

As femininely as I could I responde 'your welcome'

The first few minutes were a bit uneasy untill I saw his hand gingerly rubbing his crotch and -looking down a bit farther-saw the

low heeled pumps and pink socks with the white lace top.

He saw my glance and nervously spoke up.

"I like to dress like a girl"


I raised my skirt to show my clitty and gingerly said: So do I..

"Do you like to do things with boys"? he asked..

"Oh yesssss" I purred..and added,and my wife approves!

"Can we go to your place"? he almost pleaded.

(I wasn't sure of his age and I wasn't going to take him home on a blind date)

Oh, sorry babe, I responded. Wife has friends over and..well, they don't know I dress.

We were approaching one of the last bastions of the 1950s a functional Drive Inn Movie theatre and I thought 'why not'

"My treat" I said as I pulled into the drive.

"Wow" said my companion. I've never beeen to one of these!

Trying not to tense up I paid the fair thankfull that the attendant was a young female rather than a grown adult.

I pulled down into the front rows and parked.

A car pulled up two spaces down from us and I thought "Oh crap..it's going to be wall to wall cars" but the other car was the only one as the lights began to dim and the movie began.

Fifteen minutess intto the movie I had my friends slacks off and was groping his wonderfully large (I swear it had to be 9"..where this kid got this cock was up for speculation but he had it and...I wanted it!)

Unsure what my companions reaction would be if he 'came' I desperately wanted to get every drop of pleasure out of this I could.

Looking over I noticed the car two spaces down was already rocking too and fro and I could hear the moans..which sounded strangely familiar.

"Can I fuck you" came the question

"Ohh baby, CAN YOU" came the reply.

I pulled the KY lubed dildo from y quivering pussy and moved to the rear to give my 'date' as much access to my pussy as possible.

I moaned and almost squeeled as -instead of his swollen cock-he inserted his tongue and began to marvelously lick and probe my pussy as I squeeled with delight and pushed my soft tush toward his mouth.

"Let me suck it after you fuck me" I pleaded.

And then it slid in...Oh GOD did it slid in!

He took his time and began to call me mommy as his full length pushed deep up inside me.

I Was in heaven and I could feel an orgasim building up inside my loins..I was going to cum and I knew what that meant..

My dates cock was long enough that it was hitting my "O" spot and the orgasim fast approaching wouldn't be my last.

I had 3 before I heard him moan and hiss "OH MOMMY..U SLUT"and felt his cock suirt and squirt and squirt semem up my pussy.

He pulled it out and I moaningly whispered "mommy wants to suck" as I lowered my eager lipsticked lips down onto his still large cock and began to rotate the base between thumb and forefinger.

He'd ask perverted questions and I'd depravedly answer them.

I'd ask perverted questions and he'd answer..it seemed each time he did his cock swelled.

He fucked me again and this time my clitty was shrunk to a beet red 1" and my testicles were small and hard and painfull..I was gasping

and pleading "No More"..."Mommy can't take any more" when he finally came.

"Suck on me" he almost demanded.

I did as asked and felt the warm salty stream pour into my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could ,finding myself becomming soooo freakin turned on by this depraved act and knowing Cyndi would find it equally arousing.

It was at that point I looked over at the car two spaces down and found ...My wife-naked-staring back at me!

Needless to say, it was a night we've relived more than a few times!

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kinky4204ever posted 5 year ago

fucking loved it babe, cant wait to hear more ;)

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