Daddy Caught Me Dressed Up

I had come home from school, to my surprise the house was empty, which was a rarity. Having been dressing for quite some time before i thought it would be an ideal to get dressed.

As usual i went into my parents bedroom into mummy's panty drawer and pulled on a pair of her black lace panties, i found myself looking through her wardrobe and noticed a very naughty black pvc dress hidden at the bottom of her wardrobe. I pulled the dress out and began to zip it up then pulled out a pair of her black patent stiletto's.

I moved from the bedroom into the living room and was admiring myself in the mirror and to my dismay the door opened and my dad walked in. He didn't say a word, just looked me up and down before what seemed like and eternity then said you look better than your mother in that dress.

I apologised and said I would go get changed and put everything away, as i brushed passed him to go upstairs he grabbed my hand and said would you like to treated like a girl?

Yes, i replied, "well come with me" he said. He led me upstairs into his bedroom, "get on that bed" he said as i sat down he took his shirt off and undid his pants. He undressed down to his tight black boxer shorts that left nothing to the imagination, i could see the outline of his cock around the skin tight shorts. He climbed onto the bed to join me, he started rubbing the dress with his hands then took my hand and led it onto his cock, telling me that this is what girls should do.

I could feel his cock getting harder and harder through his shorts, my hands rubbing gently it felt his shorts get a little wet, i then moved my hand into his shorts and began to slowly wank his big cock. He started to rub my body in my dress a little bit harder and faster, i moved down the bed and removed his shorts revealing his rather large manhood the began to slowly run my tongue down the shaft of his hard cock.

Good girl he said now take it all in your mouth, i put my lips around his bell end and pushed down to take his long, hard shaft in my mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head forcing me on to him then began to thrust his pelvis up and down, catching the back of my throat with his cock. He then lifted my head and removed his cock from my mouth and told me to lie face down on the bed.

I did as daddy said, then he pulled my arse cheeks apart and buried his tongue into my hole, slowly licking my hole he then slipped in a finger and began to finger be, one finger soon became two and with increasing force i began to moan, you like that dont you he said, and i let out another moan. He said you are going to like whats coming to you next you naughty girl.

Get on your hands and knees he said and with nervous movements i did, he began running his hands up and down the dress and rubbed his cock against my arse, he slowly pushed his bell end into my hole then inch by inch his long shaft, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me forcefully onto the rest of his cock, i let out a huge gelp as i struggled to take his full length.

He began to slowly fuck me and got faster and harder, with every thrust i began to enjoy it more and more, and he said, you filthy little whore youre enjoying taking daddy's cock arent you. Yes daddy i replied, he began to thrust himself into me harder than he had before with each thurst my moaning getting louder until he removed his cock from my arse put it in my mouth demanding i suck him.

He forcefully began to fuck my mouth until he shot is creamy load into my mouth ensuring i swallowed every drop of his hot cum.

He then left the room telling me to get changed and clean up, mummy to this day still doesnt know about what me and daddy got up to that day and ever since.

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