Her &Quot;Special Treat&Quot;

After pounding this girl twice outside of the cabin, we went inside as it was getting a little chilly. Some light touching is going on again as things start to heat up for the third time of the evening. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and when I come back out I hear a "Psst" come from down the hall. I turn around and she's halfway in a room motioning for me to come with her. As I walk towards her she disappears into the room.I get to the room and she is there, bent over at the waist, deep throating a guy who is laying on the bed with his lower legs hanging off.

I walk up and slip right into her ass, no fuss at all. She moans as I grab her by the hips and pump. This moaning turns me on more and more so I fuck harder and faster, which makes her moan more and more. I'm sure that if her mouth were not stuffed with cock, that she'd be screaming at this point. She pulls his cock out of her mouth and asks him if he wants to fuck her ass too. He, of course, says yes so I pull out and we readjust. He lays flat on the bed while she rides him cowgirl. I am standing on the bed with her in front of me sucking my cock.

I'm in LOVE with this as I enjoy tag teaming a girl and the motion of her bouncing on his cock while sucking mine is terrific. After a few minutes of her moaning and deep throating my cock I feel that build coming, so I grab her by the throat and pull her off of me. I lean down and say, "You want both in your ass, don't you?" Every cell in her body said yes so I got off the bed and went around back. I crawled up and got into position. She stopped bouncing and started to beg. I distinctly remember her saying, "Please shove those two cocks up my tight little ass." The guy she was riding says that she's been loosened up quite a bit, so she's not tight anymore. I say, "Two cocks will fix that," and start pushing the tip of my cock against her already filled hole.

I feel it slip in and we start to go to work. After some coordination, we get our strokes to match up perfectly and pretty soon we're both pounding her ass. She is moaning, yelping, and making sounds I've never heard before, but we keep going. After a few minutes she wants to go back to one, so we do. The other guy and myself take turns on her ass for at least an hour. If we aren't balls deep in her ass, we're balls deep in her mouth. And it feels GREAT.

He comes first, all over her back after giving her an amazing few minutes of thrusting. Not to be outdone, I also go to town fucking her ass, pulling her into me as I thrust as hard and as fast as I can. I can feel it build and when I get there I pull out and say, "Get on your knees BITCH!" And she does, and takes another facial.

The other guy and I talk for a bit and it turns out we're both from the same area of Milwaukee and quickly become friends. Since this night we've tag teamed 4 girls together.

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misslusty posted 5 year ago

Such a horny story. Two into one does go xx

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