Daddy Pt. 2

I was getting ready for my night looking at the outfit "daddy" got for me and decided it needed more for sure. luckly for me my sister had spent the last two weeks at my place over summer break and had left a small bag of her clothes in a rush to catch her plane so i decided to take a look. inside I found a cute tank top and bra that would match the mini skirt, also found a pair of knee high leather boots ( which thankfully me and my sister had the same size ) and a small bag of make-up. as i was getting ready i decided to have a few beers and smoke a bowl or two to settle my nerves. about an hour later I finished applying the rest of my make-up and took a look in the mirror.

"WOW" I said aloud, I could easily pass as a chick except for the nice bulge poking out of my skirt but oh well, i'm sure daddy wont mind. about 45 mins afterwards I heard a knock at the door, I made my way over trying not to trip in the boots and answered the door. there he was standing in my doorway with a bottle of wine. I told him to come in and we made our way to the living room. " you look wonderful this evevning cloe " he said to me as we sat on the couch, placing his hand on my leg. I reached for his crotch but he stopped me and said I should pour us some wine first so I got up to do so and as I did he smacked my ass nice hard. when I came back with our wine he was still sitting on the couch but had taken off his pants and boxers and was stroking his wonderful cock. I quickly slammed back my glass of wine, gave him his and went right to work on his cock filling right to the back of my throat. his moans were turning me on so much I couldnt help but to release my cock and daddy noticed. reaching down and taking my cock in his hand he began to stroke my cock as fast as I was sucking his, it was absolutely wonderful.

After and 15 mins he pushed me back onto my back and started licking my tight asshole, feeling his tongue and then one then two fingers inserted in. my legs wrapped themselves around him and wouldnt let go, I was in absolute heaven just waiting for him to force his wonderful cock in me. he flipped me onto my hands and knees and told me to get ready for a pounding of a life time. bracing myself he inserted his cock into my waiting ass. " OH DADDY" I cried out. "thats it cloe, take it like a whore", he whisppered into my ear. I was in such pleasure I had forgotten he didnt put a condom on. "but daddy" I whimpered, "you didnt put on a condom". "thats ok slut, this is how ur suppose to take it now shut up". I buried my face in the pillow and just took it like I was suppose to. feeling him pick up the pace I told him I wanted to ride him. positioning myself over his beautiful tool I pushed it inside me. it only took about 5 mins before i felt the first splash of cum hit the back of my ass followed by another, quickly I pulled off and started sucking all our mixed juices from his dick and receaved a final load in my throat.

I started stroking my cock and not before long was spraying cum all over my skirt and top,I was spent. daddy got up put on his clothes and lit a smoke. after tosing one to me, he said "good job slut, I'll see you again in a few days". he turned and and left me laying there playing with my fingers and all the cum in my cum soaked ass. I cant wait till next time, hopefully its sooner then later. ;)

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