Under The Table

Both Cyndi and I agree; the internet is wonderfull and craigslist is the cherry on the cake.

We met "Billie" and Chris (he being billie/bill she being chris/christine)thru CL and after several fits and starts at meeting they came over.

Christine had alredy confided in my Cyn that she and Bilie had a fantasy involving playing strip poker.

They arrived around 9 the other night and both Cyn and I were stuned by how beautifull Billie was and how seductive Chris was. These two obviously took care of their bodies!

Chris had on a black hot pant outfit that-as cyn put it-was to die for.

Her thigh top 3" heel black boots and milky white thighs played off each other eroticlly. Her high cheek bones and aquiline nose spoke french fluently and her page boy hair offered that hint of masculinity.

Billie was Chis's opposite. 3 1/2" cream colored pumps melded into the chocolate brown thigh tops which disappeared on lith feminime legs up under a cream colored skirt which perfectectly matched in color.

The butterscotch blouse had frills up the front -very indicative of a true sissy:o)

Cyn was in a playfull cheerleader style uniform .The satin blouse accented her small pert breasts and rigid nipples. Her hair was-as always-the strawberry blond boyish cut with just enough makeup to accentuate her large blue eyes and pert mouth.

I had my above the knee black skirt, white long sleeved blouse with ruffles at the wrists and a light red nail polish which matched my lipstick. The heels were a bit for me at 3 1/2 inches but accentuated my pert butt and feminine ankles.

A few drinks and social talk and cyn broke out the cards.

"Nothings wild..except the sex" coo'd cyn and everyone laughed.

I'm not sure if a card game was ever played where the participants were trying to lose the handbut this came close.

I went out first..down to my thigh top nylons, the pink puff of pubic hair above my erect 5.5" clitty, my soft white ass cheeks set off by the tan lines on my thighs, my nipples-as always- cosmetically enlargened (much to the delight of Chris who told Billie..THAT'S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!

As per the rules I went on my knees under the table. Billie had his skirt lifted and his erect 7 inches seemed to wave at my mouth as I lapped the head with my tongue and felt him jerk with arousal.

Billie was having a time of it trying to concentrate on anything buy the performance my mouth and tongue were doing on his clitty .

Chris giggled and said: "What in the world is Synthia doing that's got you so hot darling?"

She pulled up the table cloth so she and Cyn could watch and I murmured appreciatively as I tasted the pre cum on Billies swollen clitty.

"Oh My Gawd" exclaimed Cyn.."Oh Yes baby, de3ep throat that clitty..Go Baby GO!"

Oh damn, I am SOOOO hot exclaimed Chris.

Cyn didn't need any further encouragement. She joined me under the table her talanted tougue and eager mouth feverishly working Chris's pussy and clit.

I think Chris and Billie came almost the same time..the MOAN and Gasp and depraved "YESSSSSSS" were almost in sync.

billie filled my mouth with semen all of which I swallowed greedily.

From Cyns murmurs moans it was apparent Chris had pretty much done the same for her.

"Mmm Gotta go pee" exclaimed Bille in that tone that says.."I'm gonna pee myself NOW" as she asked where the bathroom was.

"I'll show you" said Cyn as she led him out of the dining room

"Something tells me your wife is going to be Billies urinal" giggled Chris. then adding "Would you like to be mine?"

Pillow under my head I was on the kitchen floor with Chris straddling my eager mouth as the almost clear fluid began to run into my mouth.

MMMMmmmm MMM HMMM I moaned as I tried to swallow every drop,

This had Chris hot.

"Fuck my ass" she hissed...Fuck my ass with that little girl clitty cock.

As Cyn and Billie returned to the living quarters there we were, Chris with her ass High in the air and I standing ebhind sliding my swollen clitty in and out..Both of us moaning and referrring to ourselves as slutty little pigs and pervertedly asking each other personal questions about past experiences.Cyn somehoe managed to get her self between Chris and the couch cushions and began working Chris's clitty with her depraved tongue while I strove to hold off the orgasim I knew was just around th corner.

Finally I couldn't hold off and whimpering "ooo I'm cummingggggg" I squirt squirt squirted my load up Chris's pulsating anus.

Cyn got down on Chris puffy anus lips and began to lick and french.

It was more than Chris could take and she wailed "OHH GOD OH YES BITCH DO IT DO IT DO IT!" and shuddring villentlywith orgasim she came.

Billie and I kissed, Chris and Cyn kissed..and we said good night.

The door closed and Cyn turned to me and said: Oh God, honey, we ARE Pigs"

She was delightfully ,depraedly..right.'

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