My Dad And I

My Dad and I

Written By: aVirginCrossdresser

Warning: The following story is fiction and contains graphic m/m sex, underage sex, as well as material containing father and son sexual interaction. If younger than 18, please exit this site immediately! If 18 or older, enjoy! Reader discretion is advised.

My Dad and I

I live with my dad, because my mother passed away from breast cancer a year ago. My dad and I just moved to Arizona from Colorado.

My first day at my new school was alright, but I was ready to go home. I rode the school bus until it got to my stop. I got off the bus and went home. I came into the front door after unlocking it using my key. My dad wasn't home yet and it would be another half hour before he got here. I turned the television on and watched and episode of Pocket Monsters. Shortly after the show was over, my dad walked into the house. He set his things down and asked me how my first day at this new school went. I told him that it was fine. He then told me he had a surprise for me. I was excited to here this. He told me to stay here and watch television, because it would take about an hour before my surprise was ready.

After watching another two episodes of Pocket Monsters, my dad said from some distance away in the house that my surprise was ready and that I needed to close my eyes. I closed them and waited for my dad to let me know when to open them so I could see my surpise. I had them closed for about 30 seconds, then I heard my dad tell me to open my eyes. I opened them and to my astonishment, the most beautiful lady that I have ever seen, is standing in front of me. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was speechless and my mouth was wide open.

I asked if she was my dad and she said that she was. I was now confused. Why was my dad dressed like a woman and how did he pull it off? I asked him why he was dressed like this and he told me that ever since mom died, he needed some kind of connection back to her to compensate for her not being here. I then asked my dad how he pulls off looking like a beautiful woman and he told me that he ever since mom passed he tried on her clothes and gradually got into the hang of things that he slowly progressed into making himself look more and more like a woman. I asked him how he got boobs and he told me that they were what was called breastforms. I asked if I could squeeze them and he said I could, so I touched my dad's breastforms through the clothing. My dad asked me if I wanted to become a woman too and let him know I did with an eager yes. My dad then grabbed my hand and escorted me to his bedroom.

When we got to his room, he told me to get naked which I did. Dad then led me into his bathroom where he told me I needed to take a shower to get clean and to shave to make myself silky smooth. I hopped into the shower and started to clean myself. My dad tells me he going to change into his bikini and take a shower with me and to help me shave off all my body hair. After a minute or two, my dad hops into the shower with me. I just stared at my dad because he looked sexy. I asked me what I was staring at and I told him that he was the one I was staring at. He blushed then grabbed the shaving cream and razor. He shook the can of shaving cream and poured some onto my body and started shaving me with the razor. He did this over and over and over again until he said that I was as silky smooth as him. We got out of the shower and he dried me with a towel. When we were both dry he took me back to his. He told me that it was now time to dress me up like a woman.

He helped me into what was called a thong. He then rolled up what he called stockings and unrolled them onto my legs. Next he took some body glue as he called it and applied it to my chest. After letting the glue sit for a second or two dad grabbed what he called breastforms and applied each one onto the glue until the forms were dried onto my chest and stayed in place. He then grabbed what he called a bra had me put my arms through and hooked them in place. Next grabbed what he called a garter and had me step into them. He then attached each hook onto my stockings. He then had put on what he called an underskirt and an underdress. He then went over to his closet grabbed a dress and helped me put it on. He then grabbed a pair of 4-inch high heel closed toe shoes and had me put them on. After I put them on, my dad took me over to desk with a mirror. He told me that it was now time for me to get some makeup on to look pretty.

I sat down and he told me to close my eyes which I did. I told me to keep them closed so he could put makeup on my face properly. After about 10 to 15 minutes or so he told me that he was done with my makeup but to keep my eyes closed. I felt hair on my shoulders and my dad said that he was putting a wig on me to complete my look. After about a minute or two he told me to open my eyes and I did. I looked into the mirror and for a second I thought a beautiful girl was staring back at me until I realized that I was looking at my reflection.

My dad then told me that since I was a woman then I should be treated like one. He then sat on the bed, took out his juicy penis, and told me that a woman sucks dick like a popsicle. So I did leaned over, opened my mouth, and put his penis into my mouth. I licked it at first, then I started sucking on it as if it was a popsicle. I really liked the taste of his penis started sucking away like crazy. Dad told me that I was being a good girl and that he was about to give me some juice that good girls like me swallow after sucking penis. I then felt a warm, salty, gooey, and good tasting liquid going flowing into my mouth. I swallowed the juice very eagerly and said mmmmm. I swallowed the last drop of juice and took my mouth off of his penis. He then got up off the bed and told me to lean over the bed. He told me to raise my butt in the air. He then told me that a woman also takes a penis in her hole.

Dad pulled up my dress, underskirt, and underdress. He then pulled my thong aside. I then felt a cold and slippery liquid on my butt hole and asked dad what he was doing. He told me that every woman has to lubricate herself to make it easier to take penis in their holes. Dad told me that I was ready to take him and put his penis to the entrance of my butt hole. He said that what would happen next might cause some discomfort. He told me to relax and stay relaxed until he said he was good. So I got relaxed and he pushed the head of his penis into my butt. I wince but told him that I was fine. He then continued to push his penis into me until I felt his balls against my butt when he said I didn't need to relax anymore. He told me that he was all the way in my butt and that he was going fuck my hole like a man does to a woman. I told him I would love for him to take me and make me his woman. He then moved his penis up and pushed back into my butt. He did this slowly at first, then gradually increased the speed his bucking. He then bucked me so fast and hard that it made me scream out, "OH YEAH!!!", and at the same time I felt some sticky liquid squirt from my penis into my thong. My butt squeezed up when this happened and my dad push his penis as deep into my butt as he could. I then felt a warm slimy liquid spray and burst in my butt. My dad sighed and thanked me for being his woman then with him on top of me and still in me, he had me turn my head around so I could see him, kissed me on my lips, and said, "THAT WAS THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD! I LOVE YOU!!!"

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