About me:Just your average gurl with a hot and very understanding and encouraging wife who just LOVES gurls too.
As for me, I'm not so unconvincing that a blind man on a galloping horse might not notice...passable from behind I suppose you might say.
Fairly tactile (don't you just long for the feel of something warm, moist and quite possibly pulsing ? I do !
I am completely smooth all over and I like my gurlfriends to be like so too.
Of course, like every gurl , I do love cock - the bigger the better
Turn Ons:Gurls with fantastic legs and superb bodies.
Stockings and heels
Clean guys with BIG cocks especially welcome
Sometimes I enjoy being that lil bit, make that "slutty" lol.
Occasional passing interest in mild watersports (oops! that is a lil bit naughty I guess)
Love really naughty comments and suggestions...don't we all ?
Love seeing my pics being tributed and faked (especially if its really well done with photoshop)
Do message me if you make a tribute of any description !
Turn Offs:Pain, Blood, Poo, anything that even remotely involves or suggests Minors GRRRR !!!
Hairy pantie wearers.
Rude insensitve people.
People with empty profiles and absolutely nothing to share.
Talentless unimaginative one-liner comments.
Interested In:Guys + Girls
Hobby:A bit of naughty fun, some laughs and friends to get excited over. Wife is a bit like-minded, enjoys being "appreciated" by the gurls, loves tributes and Photoshop fake fun. Love to receive lots of cock and cum tributes from horny guys. A bit of exposure can be fun too...any sissy spreaders can take my pics
Favorite movies and TV shows:anal (of course!)..oral (definitely)... gurls, gurls and GURLS!!! cock cumshots tributes
Favorite music:warm, sensual gurls , classy sexy dressing gurls, wildly erotic and sexually-appetited gurls, well hung guys,
Favorite book:Legs, neck, back, and all points down below