stocking play

stocking play

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5 year ago
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conny posted 5 year ago

darling, your video had to look at me once again...... this makes me so horny upward to leak your beautiful heels with the thoughts and to kiss over your nylon until to the aims my desire....... this lasts so marvelously....... hmmmmmmm, so horny......

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conny posted 5 year ago

I am a nymphomaniac.... with other words, I am sex-addicted.
I know this pathologically it, however, my illness is dear I.
I may locate sex at all, long and ausdauernt, recklessly, roughly and perversely and this several times at the meets and at night as well. I believe we, both have very much in common......
I could imagine sex with you wonderfully..... however, we are horny both soooooo, or?

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fortheconstant posted 5 year ago

damn i love it. Id crawl all over you.