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6 year ago
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conny posted 5 year ago

my absolute party hitt drink...

My sisters and I pull you in addition,
whenever the opportunity arises... we come true this drink.
then we feel like most crisp and
hottest bad cumsluts.

We take everybody cum, we from all on a party and also only to geniesen....
we collect the sweet juice in schnapps glasses, sometimes also two or several
full schnapps glasses, it are involved
to frozen lemonade concentrate, gin or vodka, gin,
still add Maraschino cherry juice and Crushed ice,
bring everything in a barman and shake thoroughly it nicely.
We fill ours sexily femme, softly pink crystal
Martini glasses and put a cherry on top of that.

Before the first gulp we still lay on a thick layer
from fresh lipstick and shine on. We feel
we then thus pussy like we to each other grinning sip so sexily
how we in view of long max. 120 menthol cigarettes,
our lipstick leaves his tracks in the filter end and
we hold them so elegant and femme, between ours clarify
last among red nails with our lipstick and pressure on
to our Martini glass.

We feel easy like most shelve of queens,
how the worst Drag queen are whores always... and honey - this
absolutely deliciously... you should also try out once?

I think, you become it very well for yourself and yours
Sisters find. Not?

Kiss Kiss

Miss Conny, an evil versaute fickschlampe without taboos....